What is MAPS?

MAPS is a revolutionary 3D body scanning tool that provides us with information on how well your body is moving. Your Flexologist will guide you through the scan, help you interpret the results, and use the data to customize your stretch.

How it Works

By just doing three overhead squats, the MAPS machine will use the 3D camera to process thousands of data points to measure your Mobility, Activation, Posture, and Symmetry. After taking a full-body scan, MAPS will immediately provide you with a score that evaluates how well you are moving. Based on your assessment, your Flexologist can better customize your stretch session specifically to your body's needs and help get you started moving and feeling better! Plus, we will do monthly scans to see your improvement over time.

Why Use MAPS?

StretchLab is the only assisted stretching studio using MAPS to give free, full-body assessments. We are able to provide you with a deeper understanding of how your body moves, while also being able to visually measure your progress. Let's see how your body is moving today, so we can help you move better tomorrow!
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